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02 January 2014

New Year new Art

WOW I haven’t been here in a while. But I hope new year will brig new inspiration . Not that I wasn’t inspired last year I was very busy with a lot of big projects and very proud of all f them. I will share new and old art here more often …. that was my new year resolution Smile


Happy New Year everybody ….

20 February 2013

Telus Spark collaboration on a wool monster

This weekend I was teaching needle felting to visitors of Telus Spark Science Center. We had a lot of people who would like to learn. I was surprised that some kids knew about needle felting and did a very good job. It was great exposure for me and my business and I think most people can appreciate hand made art now. Every one where making a colourful patch from wool and then team members attached them to the shape of a monster that we made earlier that week. I loved seeing people enjoying felting and if someone left and learned something new about wool I’m extremely happy .

telus sparks

Here are some pictures of our monster, it is not done as I’m making mouth and eyes right now, but it will be finished Monday and you can see him for couple of month in Telus Spark Creative Kids museum :)

06 February 2013

Telus Spark Science Centre

It is almost near, weekend with monsters. You can help making big needle felted monster and vote on a eyes and mouth design. You can read more info here


I will teach visitors how to needle felt, it will be big collaboration and I bet it will be fun.

29 January 2013

Updates :)

Last year was AWESOME and this one even better. I worked really hard and enjoyed every moment, I made over a thousand monsters last year an non of them where the same.

This year Ill try to be better with my online Etsy Shop and update it more regularly .


This year I got asked by Telus Sparks Science Centre to help them in teaching visitors how to Needle felt , we will be making big monster, so if you are in Calgary on 16-17 of February please come and make a monster with us :)


If you click on the picture it will take you to TELUS Sparks Science Center page.

So excited to do it!!!

14 November 2012

Melting heart :)

I had a lot of great people telling me that they like my work, I hear a lot of compliments and I appreciate each and every one. But this one made me tear up and I felt so proud and happy. Here is a picture from one of my customers and a little story.


“Recently Cianna completed a project about significant events in her life past, present and future. One of the events in her past was attending Market Collective. She drew a picture of a handmade toy I bought her. Pinky two tooth.”  -  Selina Marie




I love you My fans ♥


08 October 2012

Mixed animals

Canadian Thanksgiving a lot of people make Turkey or Ham but some people go further and do Turducken :) So I thought if there is thing like that why not Pork-o-Bunny, or Fish-o-Owl here is couple fun creatures :)


26 August 2012

Long time

I haven’t had much time to get information on here, just because I was so busy. I’m going back home to Latvia and preparation was taking all my time :) Just for a month but since I haven’t been there 5 years and going to see a lot of people I wanted to take some little presents with me.

I have a lot of new paintings in “Motion” Gallery so if you have a chance please take a look

New paintings where inspired by summer and all it’s bright colours