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29 May 2010

First time!

Well Hello universe!
Not sure who is going to read it, but whoever you are I hope you enjoy it :)
My name is Ola and I'm an artist, I love to create and love to see people smile, specially if they like my work :) . Usually I use bright colours in my work, because colours have special power, they cam make you happy , hungry, relaxed even angry and sad. Colours can make your brain move and think and go places where you feel comfortable. My favourite colour is Orange… and yours?
Recently I opened Etsy shop ( ) will se how it will go. I’m trying to share my creations with the world and if they will make people happy I will smile. So far I have kids clothes that I’m painting myself and canvases , but soon there will be more surprises.
Like I said I love to create and I have million ideas, I really hope I can show you all of them, but it will take time, so if you are patient maybe you will see them.

Fay Moose Art

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