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20 December 2010

Shopping Ideas

Want to share with you some of my newest works, had some free time on my hands and decided to make something useful.  For people who like to hide stuff here is “Fishy Box” , out your jewellery, money , beds, notes and much more. Size 5”x3.5”x3” approx..


Bright Orange “Piggy Love” clutch. Hand made out of Felt and hand painted with acrylic paints. Put your lipstick and a cellphone and go clubbing, go Trick or Treating , flower picking, lawn bowling. Great present for 5-65 year old , unique and fun.

Size :  12”x9”


Love spots? Or color? Or know someone who would love both?

Well do I have something  spotty  for you. Painting on a canvas 6x6 bright colours extracted from the rainbow itself, splashed on a silver background


If you want get those or some more stuff, leave me a comment, or go on my website for more info

or wright me email

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