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30 December 2010

Year of da BUNNY

2011 almost here but in my mind it is still 2001 where did 10 years fly? and how did it happened so fast? Well lets make next year happy , cuddly with a lot of friends and fun. This year was great and like always I wish next one will be even better…

It doesn't feel right though ,  I feel like nobody cares here about new year , Christmas went buy and that's it lets get back to work, but i don't want to, in Latvia we used to celebrate couple of days it is THE biggest celebration of the year because it is going away and whatever troubles or sadness you had in old year it will stay there and you can start new year with new strength new smile new energy. And if you had a lot of good stuff it will come with you to the next year and will make you feel even happier.

Well i wish everybody lots of positive feelings, lots of love and money Smile  Lets give and take only positive energy, like when you see cute little bunny whatever you feel when you look at him i wish u feel all year Smile




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