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30 January 2011

New old stuff ( 1999 )

file_php_id=157171200086ac27c821b0dcb61879ff3149a9e1a8I had a lot of abstract stuff like that, but never did i had it in color, it was my first with colour pencilsfile_php_id=157171200081bf7ddcb3737733618007f5b53cda99I remember panting this one, it was made with my first crayons , I remember crying but don’t remember why (or maybe I don’t want to) This one is really close to my heart , it is really simple but as so much meaning. file_php_id=1571712000587af0a1ec3178dc5ff9469e5967a3c0

Hm hard to say what inspired me there, but i usually start with a stroke, and than decide what it looks like, so this one looked like an elephant. Smile

I don’t think i have originals anymore witch sucks, i must say i had much more patience then Smile

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