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26 April 2011



Great weekend I had, hope you did too.

I spend my Easter at Market Collective selling my new collection of felted animals and monsters. I had tons of people commenting on my new work and they charged me with positive energy. There where people who loved my stuff but they told me they didn't had kids to give those too. I say why don't you enjoy it yourself, but some people afraid to open their inner child to others, and ill try to make them change Smile who is with me?

Want to say special thanks to my customer who where having fun at my table and who took piece of me with them. To show you my appreciation i decided to give you a deal Smile If you where one of my customers and if you can send me a picture or a comment in my guestbook ill email back with the code for further savings. If you are my future customer, just email me and ill see what i can do Smile

Some Lucky customers


And here is me having fun with my lovely husband


Ola and GordOla1

We had a blast thanks MC

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