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12 June 2011


I’m not sure if I told you but I signed a contract for a book. Wonderful man Sean Harley wrote a song “Zany Zoo” and he saw me on one of the Market Collective's and asked if I would like to draw some characters for his song. I said “YES” . Couple of month later all is done and we sign contract and sometime soon there will be book with our names Smile

It was my dream this year to make a colouring book with my characters, but I didn’t even think somebody else would believe in me. But now I'm confident and I hope we will have so much more project together with Sean.

Here is example of some work Smile sketch of a bear Smile It is not final , in fact there will be different bear, but just to tease you guys Smile


Hope I can show you “Zany Zoo” book soon and colouring book, and hopefully a game and many more Smile


I’m Happy

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