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07 February 2012

Great weekend

I had great weekend at Market Collective. There was awesome energy and people where in a great mood, weather was fantastic and music was just the best !!!

Market Collective

I met wonderful people and it made my week even better. Just can’t wait to see them all again. (you know who you are Winking smile)

Amongst the customers there where people who loved my stuff so much that they wanted to share it in their blogs. I know many people smiled huge and took pictures and I hope they all can send me those pictures or links to their posts. so if you one of them please share .

Some of those great people did share links with me and I would love to share them. You might like this blog “Velvet and Vino” has great tips by Becky  and very positive energy, and who doesn't like Vino?

Here is  a picture from her blog, check it out there is more :)

I also me Ildar who has a great idea for a site for all local artists and helping them selling their unique stuff all over Canada. “Goods with Story”

Goods With Story - Online Shopping Destination for Canadian Shoppers

I would highly recommend to all small businesses :)

So share and be shared my friends and do it all with a smile Smile

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for promoting us here Ola! ))
    It was great meeting with you.