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10 April 2012

Something new

Recently I found out about and thought to try it. I have a lot of digital work that just sits in my computer, I do share it here once in a while and I do get a great response, but If somebody wants a print or a T-shirt it is extra work for me in area I know nothing about. So this website is great, I have to just upload my design and then people can print it on anything, T-shirt , phone case, laptop ….


SO from now on I will be sharing my work from that website and if you like it I would love it if you ♥ it

Check out my profile, it is super simple , if you like some design but you need different detention's or colours please let me know


  1. Ola, i-Phone cases is a great idea!!!

    1. Thanks ! I think it is a great site. I don't have to print myself and get all supplies, people can order their own . I get some extra money . Win win situation.