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14 July 2011

After shows

I want to share with you how people inspire each other or help ideas float in a different directions.

At my last show Jolanta’s partner got my “Yellow bunny” and later she wrote me this email , quote : ”I liked it so much that I changed the concept of a quilt I am making for Mariana - it will have a yellow rabbit on it :-):-)


I was really excited to see the end result , and boy it is a great quilt, and now baby will have a toy to go with it. That's how you make special memories. Get inspired people and give inspiration to othersquilt with bunny

quilt center LOVE IT Smile

Also I met a great fun girl;

Yuen-ying she is great photographer, she saw me at a couple of shows and she’s always with a smile and I  Smile love people like that. She took some pictures of me and here they are Smile


It is me and my army of fun felted friends, currently I'm working on a new army cause last one got almost sold out. I have 30 new characters , and still working on some of them MC_OlaBirch2-1w25

I would love if people share their pictures of their felted friends you can email me or post them on my Facebook page

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