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11 July 2011

“Going to the Zany Zoo” Book

I came from great vacation and I was so lazy to open up my mailbox , but when I did I was presently surprised!!!!!!!!!!! I got an email from Sean (Tucker) with  awesome news on the book. Not sure if you remember I mentioned in earlier posts, that I was collaborating on a book with Sean , and now, AND NOW book is PUBLISHED and you can get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can you get it and where? Firstly you can get it online here :
Secondly I will have them on my upcoming shows , so feel free to ask me next time when you'll see me. It will have both of our signatures Winking smile
Sean wrote fantastic, fun and entertaining song and I tried to match it with lovable characters. This book is really colourful and has 23 pages WOW.
When you read this book to your kids make sure they imitate movements of the animals, and you'll see how much fun will they have, but so will you.

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