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09 July 2011

I’m Back

…. from Vacation!

We had a great week of relaxation from dusty city , work and electronics.

It is nice sometimes to relax your brain and don't worry about anything. I think people need more free time to relax in the nature , go to the forest to the mountain and just breathe and charge with positive energy. Maybe a week every 2 month or even a day every 2 weeks Smile

Although I was relaxing sometimes my brain wasn't, but i don’t blame him, in fact I was glad. I got a lot of Ideas about future work, and maybe a show Smile

So here is some of those ideas…. let me know what you think , it is little window to my imagination, how it all starts and where it ends.

Do you see what I see…?


Just a cloud in the beguiling, not a finished product, cause i have more characters witch can wear this fluffy moustache Smile 

And here…. what do you see, just a cement blocks or more?

wassup original

First I tried to ignore those characters , but after 5 hours or more of driving I couldn't just say good bye, I wanted to share them with you Smile


I though they will be pretty boring and those blocks would have sad excretions, but when I started to colour them, so many different emotions came to my mind, I might do more of these cause it really made me happy to create not one or two but 4(in 10 minutes) and I bet Ill have 20 more in my head, will see Smile

It s pretty good exercise for da brain Smile

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