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12 March 2012

Oh boy , Ola Birch is on the wall

But to be more specific my work ( a huge 8x16 feet mural) is on a garage door of a very great company called , The Rock Guitar Shelter 


The mural of Vintage Canadians who Rocked our Country was made in a week , I think it is a record , for me anyway, to finish such a great big project in such a short time, but now I know what I can do.


If you know me it is totally out of my style (and if you don’t please look through my blog and you will know), but I took this challenge and TADAAAAM. Very happy to have it done and to be shown publicly, you can see it 1007 17 Ave NW behind the Tim Horton's .

I want to thank my Husband (Gord Birch) for supporting me and looking after our son. My parent’s who give me the best education and artistic genes . Also Dovilio for introducing me to this opportunity, and the most thanks goes to J.R. Fleet owner of The Rock Guitar shelter for giving me this great challenge. All I have to say it is DONE, NEXT :)

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